Erika Spuehler

In August 2013, Erika moved to live Campbell River, and shortly thereafter she was welcomed to the Merecroft Veterinary Clinic as the second Registered Animal Health Technologist (RAHT). Erika graduated from the 3-year veterinary technician course offered by St. Lawrence College, Kingston, in 2008, and immediately passed the board exams required to become registered with the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians. Erika is also a member of the Canadian Animal Assistance Team, which provides disaster relief aid and education for remote areas. Since graduation, Erika has worked in small animal, mixed practice, and emergency medicine in eastern Ontario. Her interest in animals goes back much farther. Having grown up on a farm and volunteered at various area veterinary hospitals and wildlife centers, Erika’s interest in veterinary medicine took her back to her family roots, where she spent a summer working on a dairy farm in the Swiss Alps. Erika’s main interests outside her profession include photography, volunteering with not-for-profit organizations, various fundraising efforts, and spending time with her Rottweiler, Ares, Keeshond, Pipa, and her cats, Play-Doh and Monkey.