Our Team

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

  • Dr. Helen Kwong

    Although Helen always knew that veterinary medicine would be her future, she took a…

    Practice Manager

  • Vicki Lagos

    Vicki is the reason why our office runs so smoothly. She has been in the veterinary field…

    Senior Veterinary Assistant

  • Jacky Parkin

    Animals have been a part of Jacky‚Äôs life for as long as she can remember. Growing up in…

    Veterinary Assistant and Receptionist

  • Default Image

    Tosca McSherry

    Tosca has always had a passion for animals, small or large she loves them all. Tosca has…

    Veterinary Receptionist

  • Mackenna Lagos

    The friendly welcoming voice you will most likely here when you first call is Mackenna.…